Partners in Zürich

Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETH Zürich)

Earth system sciences at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and University of Zurich (UZH) work for a deeper understanding of all domains of our home planet, from the inner Earth to the continents, oceans, biosphere and atmosphere. We study structures from the atomic scale to the planetary scale, and try to understand the evolution of the planet in the past as well as current and future processes.

AF-Consult Switzerland

AF-Consult Switzerland is an energy and environmental technology consultancy, covering thermal, hydro, nuclear and renewable energy and environment, water and groundwater protection. Dr. Thomas Kämpfer leads the Groundwater Protection and Waste Disposal Department, with expertise of numerical modelling of reactive fluid flow in porous media. He will supervise ESR4 and coordinate a secondment using the computational infrastructure of the company, and represent AF-Consult on the SUBITOP Board.


NAGRA is a private company responsible for the identification and security of a nuclear waste repository within Switzerland. It carries out geological, geophysical, hydrogeochemical, geotechnical, and engineering research on the safety of future geological repositories. Dr. Florian Kober is Project Manager Geosciences International Service Department. He has extensive experience with surface dating techniques and will supervise ESR12 and sit on the SUBITOP Board.

Partner school

The Bündner Kantonsschule is a secondary school level 2 located at the heart of the Swiss Alps. 1150 students take classes in a wide range of required and elective subjects varying from the natural to the social sciences, arts and sports. Environmental issues and topics in geography that are discussed and taught here are central to our existence and the life of the planet. Most of our students are interested in a practical project that gives them hands-on experience to enhance their academic curriculum. Students taking geography as a minor are participating in SUBITOP under the guidance of faculty member Michael Graf.