Partners in Durham

Durham University (University of Durham )

Durham University, founded in 1832, has an excellent worldwide reputation in all areas of arts, humanities, natural and social sciences, has ~16,000 students (3,500 postgraduate and 3,000 international students from >120 countries) and employs over 3,500 staff in 25 departments. It is engaged in a full range of higher educational activities, including high-quality teaching and learning at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, advanced research and scholarship, partnerships with businesses and other private and public sector bodies, and partnerships and initiatives with community and voluntary sector organisations. It provides a stimulating environment to nourish and support the needs of a world-class academic community.

Geospatial Research

Geospatial Research, UK is a spin-out company from Durham University producing integrated geoscience from fieldwork, satellite and imagery analysis, LiDAR, UAVs, dGPS, GIS, 3D visualisation, data fusion and co-visualisation. Richard Jones will supervise ESR8, host the secondment which will link numerical modelling results with GRL datasets, and serve on the SUBITOP Board. He will present the university spin-off perspective at SUBITOP Workshop 3.

Partner School

Freeborough Academy, Saltburn by the Sea, United Kingdom