Partners in Rome

Universita Degli Studi Roma Tre (UniRoma3)

The University "Roma TRE" hosts more than 40,000 students, 12 Departments and 2 Schools, 80 degree courses, 66 Master and 7 PhD courses. The new Department of Science established in 2013 integrates expertise of a wide range of scientific disciplines - Geology, Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Physics - providing the basis for innovative and interdisciplinary educational and research activities. The quality of the available educational package contributes to high-level undergraduate, postgraduate and master programmes mirroring both scientific and professional needs. The Geology section consists of 21 faculty members, 3 technichians, and 40 Post-docs & Ph.Ds. It manages many public (national and international) and private projects. It collaborates with >120 institutions worldwide. The Laboratory of Experimental Tectonics (LET), which will host the SUBITOP fellows, belongs to the EPOS Network. The LET is internationally recognised for its expertise in modelling tectonic processes with focus on the dynamics of subduction and related seismicity and on the tectonic evolution of the Mediterranean. In the last 15 years, the LET published >120 papers in international journals. It hosted about 20 visiting researchers in 2014.

M. Penati Strumenti

M. Penati Strumenti, Italy is a sales agency for international producers of high-tech scientific instruments to characterize rheological and physical properties of materials. Giorgio Mojoli will supervise ERS1, host a secondment, and serve on the SUBITOP Board. He has three decades experience of methods in rheology and characterisation of materials, which he will make available to the Network.

Midland Valley Exploration

Midland Valley Exploration, UK specialise in structural geology consultancy and software development. Dr. Euan Macaulay will contribute his expertise of Move software to model or restore geological processes to the supervision of ESR13 and host their secondment in the company. He will join the SUBITOP Board and make his expertise available to the training network.

A Lehman seismometer build up by professors & students.

A secondary school

Liceo Spallanzani, Tivoli. Available contact persons are Luigi De Filippis, Felice De Angelis and Tomaso Favale.