Partners in Barcelona

Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC)

The Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas CSIC hosts 126 research institutes across Spain, more than 2300 PhD students, 70 masters and 7 high-level specialisation post-graduate courses. The Institute of Earth Sciences Jaume Almera, located at the campus of the University of Barcelona, participates in 12 post-graduate courses and runs a large number of national and international public research projects and collaborative projects with industry. The research group participating to SUBITOP is broadly recognised for its contributions to integrated modelling of the lithosphere and upper mantle structure, landscape evolution and structural geology as well as in potential fields and seismology and active seismic studies. The group has been leading the Spanish TopoIberia-Consolider Ingenio multidisciplinary project in which more than 100 seniors scientists from 10 research institutions where involved during 6 years and with a total cost of 5.4 M€. Key competences of the group are: Integrated modelling of present-day crustal and upper mantle structure, modelling of potential fields, integrated plane-stress lithospheric deformation, surface mass transport and landscape evolution. Seismic processing and interpretation and structural geology.


Statoil, Norway is an international energy company operating in over 40 countries with research programmes spanning the Oil & Gas value chain. Dr. Ian Sharp, a Senior Specialist with expertise of basin dynamics and evolution, tectonics and sedimentation, will supervise ESR5 and 7 and host their secondment in the company to work on hydrocarbon exploration strategies in subduction settings. He has responsibility for technology collaboration programmes with research institutions, is an adjunct professor at the Universty of Bergen, will represent Statoil on the SUBITOP Board and be a principal contributor to SUBITOP Workshop 3.

Partner Schools

Institut Montserat, Barcelona, Spain (Partner School for ESR 5)

Institut Menéndez i Pelayo, Barcelona, Spain (Partner School for ESR 7)