Partners in Utrecht

Universiteit Utrecht

Utrecht University is an internationally renowned research university. The quality of research at the University is demonstrated by positive research evaluations and a high ranking in international league tables. Within the Faculty of Geosciences, the Department of Earth Sciences, is the largest academic Earth Sciences institute in the Netherlands, and among the larger ones in Europe. The research programme of the Earth Sciences department is characterised by a close coupling of data acquisition, advanced laboratory techniques, innovative process modelling and field-work. Research focuses on forecasting future behaviour of geologic systems and prediction of geological patterns, which are highly relevant for the basic needs of humanity: supply of resources, protection against natural hazards, and control of the environmental degradation. Within the department of Earth Sciences, the Tectonics research group is a one of the world leading groups in quantitative research of sedimentary basin (de)formation and evolution, thermo-mechanical coupling of lithosphere processes with surface processes and associated topography development. The group fosters a cross-disciplinary approach targeted towards the understanding and prediction of the geological processes through an integration of structural geological field studies, tectonic analogue experiments and numerical modelling.


Kalkulo, Norway is an SME of software developers and geoscientists, delivering research and development solutions for Oil & Gas and other Earth Science related industries. Dr. Stuart Clark will supervise ESR2, host their secondment and serve on the SUBITOP Board. He researches tectonics at continental margins through numerical methods and is an experienced PhD supervisor.


TNO is the largest technology research and development organisation in the Netherlands with about 3000 employees clustered in five teams, including energy. Prof. Dr. Jan Diederik van Wees is Principal Scientist Geothermal Energy at TNO. He will supervise ESR6 and host a secondment making use of the numerical instruments for thermo-mechanical and tectonic models of heat flow and stress in sedimentary basins. Prof. v. Wees will sit on the SUBITOP Board and be a principal contributor to SUBITOP Workshop 3.

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