Partners in Rennes

Université de Rennes, Géosciences Rennes (UR1)

Géosciences Rennes (UMR 6118) is a research unit of University Rennes1 and CNRS whose 9 research teams cover a large spectrum of Earth Sciences from solid Earth to surface processes. Its technical and scientific competences encompass petrology and geochemistry of solid Earth rocks, high and low temperature geochronology, structural geology, tectonics, paleomagnetism, geophysics, paleontology, sedimentology, geomorphology, environmental geochemistry and hydrogeology. Géosciences Rennes has 139 staff persons, including 31 professors and assistant professors, 24 researchers (from CNRS and other national institutes), 24 engineers, technicians and administrative staff (10 university; 14 CNRS) and 60 non-permanent researchers (mostly PhD students and post-docs). The Tectonic Systems team, headed by Philippe Yamato, who participates to this consortium is internationaly recognised for his expertise in structural geology, tectonics and analogue-numerical modeling with dominant application to Alps-Pyrenees-Mediterranean, Hercynides and Precambrian of Europe and Africa. The team works mainly on subduction/back-arc dynamics and lithosphere-scale deformation processes.


g.o. logical, France is a small consultancy specialised in structural geology and tectonics applied to oil exploration with a focus on salt tectonics. Dr. Xavier Fort will apply this expertise in the supervision of ESR3 in a secondment focused on the Messinian salts of the Mediterranean basin. He will serve on the SUBITOP Board and advise the network on structural geology.

Partner School

Lycée Victor et Hélène Basch, Rennes, France