Project Title: Modelling uplift, erosion and surface evolution of the Central Apennines of Italy.

Supervisor: Claudio Faccenna, Francesca Funiciello

Objectives: The topography of mountain belts results from the interplay between surface process, crustal deformation and mantle processes such as subduction, delamination and slab break-off. Unravelling the different contributions represents a major geodynamic challenge. The aim of this project is to quantify the isostatic and dynamic contributions to the evolution of the central Apennines, using a joint field and numerical modelling approach. Fieldwork and laboratory analysis will provide first order constraints on the kinematic evolution of the belt and the evolution of its surface topography. Numerical models will help in estimating the expected deep contribution from mantle convection. Modelling results for subduction evolution and slab break-off will be compared and validated with observations of the topography on the Central Apennines.

Expected Results: Quantification of contributions of crustal thickening process, erosion and sedimentation and mantle dynamic during the evolution of the central Apennines.

Academic secondment: Willett (ETH) 4 months: thermochronology; 4 months: numerical models. Industrial secondment: Midland Valley Exploration (Euan Macaulay), 3 months: Numerical models using MOVE.

Links to other projects: ESR13 will share data, methods or concepts with ESR1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12, 14, 15